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02 Jan

Oneida Lake is an ice fishing paradise during these winter months in Upstate New York. Early reports have indicated ‘ anglers are out this week “probing the edges” of Big Bay, according to one bait shop source, but no reports yet of safe ice on the lake. Possibly by next week.’

But the season appears more promising with the current weather outlook and as fisherman come to the area for the well known ice fishing here in Sylvan Beach we wanted to pass on some information that will make your stay a little warmer.

The suites at Cinderella’s Restaurant and Suites is open year round. The restaurant may have closed for the year in November but the suites remain available.


History of Cinderella’s


Once upon a time the Farnach Family set out on an adventure kinda like the fairy take Cinderella. In 1980 when Joe & Cindy purchased the property where Cinderella’s shines today, everyone thought they were nuts! Joe, who is rumored to have quite an appetite for sweets (just look at him) opened the first true ice cream stand in Sylvan Beach, the only problem was it needed a name and that’s when Joe remembered his wife Cindy’s childhood nickname that her dad affectionately called her- “Cinderella”. And thus, Cinderella’s was born! About a year later, when Joe got another bright idea, he decided to expand the ice cream stand and open a restaurant too! Word spread about the great ice cream and food, and Cinderella’s grew and grew, expanding it’s hours, menu and seating, including outside dining on our patio. You can now savor a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! We also offer 9 beautiful suite facility fit for a king and queen. We offer great nightly and weekly rates!

For more information about booking a stay in the suites at Cinderella’s visit

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