Ice Fishing On Oneida Lake

Ice Fishing

Oneida Lake might be frozen but that doesn’t mean the fishing has to stop. Plenty of fish can be caught through the frozen ice such as Bluegills, Crappies, Yellow Perch, and Walleye on Oneida Lake. Before you start planning your ice fishing trip to Oneida Lake it is important to to do your homework before stepping out on the lake.

The Water

Before venturing out on the ice, always check the ice before your step foot on it. A minimum of three of solid ice is a general rule of safety. Always be cautious in areas where it bubblers a used to protect docks. These areas can produce thin, unsafe distance away.

The Ice

Use an ice auger, ice pick, spud bar, to make a hole in the ice. If the ice is new, it will be clear, blueish/black color. Ice that is is white or bubbled- filled is not as strong.

Ice Fishing Methods

Short, light fishing rods use a method called jigging. Jigging involves a hard line, a small jigging spoon or lure with a piece of bait. When jerked up and down by the angler the jig designed to go in different directions. Another method is called tip-up. Tip-up is a simply a string on a stick holding a baited line directly in the hole of the ice. A signal is usually release by the pull of the bait being taken.

It’s always important to pay attention to the weather and make sure you dress warm (pay extra attention to your head, feet, and hands). Also when Ice fishing on Oneida Lake don’t forget to make sure your tip-ups are marked with the operator’s name and address. Always review the current fishing regulations and bring your fishing license with you!

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