About the Association

Sylvan Verona Beach Resort Association
PO Box 515
Sylvan Beach, NY 13157

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What is Sylvan Verona Beach Resort Association?

It’s quite simple- it’s a group that’s dedicated to protecting and promoting the values of the local business community.
The primary goal? To help business owners like yourself network and grow. We provide a wide, flexible range of events and opportunities that support business of any size.

8 Reasons to Join the Sylvan Verona Beach Resort Association (SVBRA)

  1. Increase your visibility in the Community.
    • As a member of the SVBRA you will be listed in the SVBRA Calendar of Events, on Facebook, Websites and highlighted in other SVBRA publications. You can also grow your business by advertising with the SVBRA and sponsoring events. The SVBRA may also promote your grand opening/ ribbon-cutting ceremony and assist with any public relations effort.
  2. Create networking opportunities. SVBRA has numerous committees and serving on one of them provides numerous networking opportunities. You can build business while promoting developments of keen interest to local business and the community.
  3. Membership brings credibility to your business. You increase a positive perception among consumers and business owners when you are identified as a SVBRA member.
  4. Gain a voice in government. SVBRA takes on tough issues and opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessments and cost directed at small businesses both state, county and local.
  5. Make business contacts. The SVBRA’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community.
  6. Receive SVBRA news, quarterly newsletter and financial reports. Member information, details about hot business topics, upcoming events, among other things.
  7. Acquire customer referrals. Every day, your SVBRA receives calls, emails, inquiries from individuals looking to do business with our SVBRA members whether lodging, entertainment or restaurants. SVBRA typically recommend its members.
  8. Promotion and Publicity. With SVBRA membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity

How much does it cost?

Membership dues are based upon the size and number of employees your business has.

Download Member Application Here

Sylvan Verona Beach Resort Association is worth it; however, you get what you put in – we encourage that you attend events, volunteer and get involved! Participating is the true key to receiving the benefits of membership.