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Parking at the Beach

Village of Sylvan Beach Parking Program

Paid parking is in effect May 15th to Sept 30th

The parking meters are pay and display and there are 18 machines throughout the village, as well as signage to direct you to a pay and display meter.  The procedure is to obtain a parking receipt and display it in your vehicle on the dashboard where it can be clearly visible.

All Parking Permits Expire Each Year

Paid Parking Hours

Monday through Sunday
9 am – 9 pm

Paid Parking Cost

Carello’s, Sunset & 17th Ave. Lots
$2.00 per hour
$10.00 All Day Monday to Friday
$12.00 All Day Saturday and Sunday

Akehurst, Canal, Park & Spencer Aves
$2.00 Per Hour
$10.00 All Day Monday To Friday
$12.00 All Day Saturday And Sunday

Main Street Parking
$2.00 Minimum/Maximum For 2 Hours
No Options For More Than 2 Hours
Electric Charging Stations $4.00 per hour and includes parking

  • Parking Meters- New machines now accepting credit cards at 2 locations: Spencer Ave & Sunset Park
  • The pay & display machines accept coins, $1 and $5 bills.
  • Please use exact amount you want to pay. The machines do not produce change
  • Please be advised the paid parking applies to all public parking spaces, and not to business owned parking lots/spaces.

Pay MeterPublic parking is available along Main Street, Spencer Ave, Canal Street, and Park Avenue. There are two municipal parking lots available.  The lakefront parking lot and bathhouse are located just west of the amusement park along the lake. Carello’s corner parking lot and public restrooms are located at the corner of Main Street and Lakehurst/Vienna rd (at the traffic light).

Handicapped Parking

In order to accommodate our physically challenged patrons there is a 3 hr maximum grace period.  There are designated handicapped spaces throughout the village, however any public parking space may be used with the authorized handicapped tag clearly displayed.  After 3 hours, paid parking is required in accordance with the rates above.

We appreciate your cooperation, as our parking funds support many vital services that are required to make your visit pleasant and enjoyable.

Parking permits

Village residents who own their home (year round and seasonal) in the village may obtain a free parking permit that allows you to park in any legal parking space in the downtown area.  Any additional permits can be purchased at $30.00.  Parking permits may be obtained at the village hall.

Parking tags will not be issued to another individual for you. You will be required to show proof of residency to obtain a parking tag. Identification showing a post office box in the village of sylvan beach is not sufficient proof of residency.  You must show something that identifies your street address (example: utility bill).

  • Owning property that you do not reside at or owning vacant land in the village does not qualify as residency.
  • Non-village residents may purchase a parking permit to park in any legal village public parking space in the downtown area for $30.00 for the season.
  • Tickets will be issued if not displayed or renewed.

Charging Stations- 2 Available $4 per Hour

Charging Station