Fishing At Sylvan Beach

Oneida lake is notorious for great fishing. Included in the Bass Masters Championship Series, it is home to many species of fish from bass and walleye to even the prehistoric sturgeon. There is species of fish for every type of angler. Oneida lake covers 79 square miles of central New York with plenty of room for elbows! The large lake can be challenging to fish at times but always rewarding. While fishing always be safe and follow the rules and regulations, we hope you have a great time fishing and make sure to stop by Sylvan Beach!

Fish Species

  • Walleye
  • largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • chain pickerel
  • northern pike
  • tiger musky
  • round goby
  • bluegill
  • pumpkinseed sunfish
  • rock bass
  • black crappie
  • yellow perch
  • gizzard shad
  • freshwater drum
  • common carp
  • bowfin
  • burbot
  • longnose gar
  • lake sturgeon

Oneida County Fishing Rules

See events on our SB Tourism Facebook for Free Fishing Weekends and opening dates for fish species!

Oneida Lake Ice Fishing

Come winters, the gurgling Oneida Lake freezes down and casts a magical appeal on the visitors to Sylvan Beach! It is during this season of the year, fishing enthusiasts from across the country throng this beautiful hamlet and participates in the Oneida Lake Ice Fishing event!

A merry event that is thoroughly enjoyed in Sylvan Beach, Ice Fishing in Oneida Lake follows the traditional jigging method of fishing. While participating in this exciting event, participants must carry their fishing license. Be sure to view our Ice Safety page!

Walleye Game Fishing

If you are yearning for an amazing game fishing experience in New York, you must visit Sylvan Beach Village to satiate all your yearnings! An ideal place to indulge in Walleye fishing, this beach village entices game fishers from across the country, and if you happen to visit this gorgeous hamlet during the month of May, you can also participate in the Annual Walleye Game Fishing Tournament and showcase your fishing skills.

Adding more to the fun and thrill of Walleye Fishing in Sylvan Beach, you can unhook Walleye species that can grow up to 20 inches and offers extreme thrill and excitement!