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Ice Fishing On Oneida Lake

22 Jan

Oneida Lake is almost frozen but that doesn’t mean the fishing has to stop. Plenty of fish can be caught through the frozen ice such as Bluegills, Crappies, Yellow Perch, and Walleye on Oneida Lake. Before you start planning your ice fishing trip to Oneida Lake it is important to to do your homework before stepping […]

3rd Annual Walleye Tournament

28 Apr
3rd annual Walleye Tournament

Gary’s Restaurant will be hosting the 3rd annual Walleye Tournament on Saturday, May 3rd. The deadline to enter the The Walleye Tournament is Friday, May 2nd. Sign up at Gary’s Restaurant all week, located on Lake Shore Road (South) in Verona Beach. The third annual Walleye Tournament has an entry fee of $10.00 but offers […]

Free Fishing Weekend – June 29-30

28 Jun
Free Fishing Weekend

During Free Fishing Weekend anyone can fish the fresh or marine waters of New York State and no license is required! New Yorks ‘Open for Hunting and Fishing’ initiative will allow residents and visitors to fish for free this weekend even without a fishing license. New York offers 7,500 lakes and ponds and 50,000 miles […]

Walleye Fishing Oneida Lake

31 Oct

Did you know? Their large eyes shine like a cat’s when reflected in light. Their eyes allow them to hunt well in low-light conditions. Walleye are the largest North American fish species in the perch family and can live up to 20 years. They have thousands of taste buds in their lips and very sharp […]

Are You Ready For The Fall?

30 Aug

Well the leaves will shortly turn, and the water temperature will drop; this means its time to get after the walleyes once again.  Oneida Lake is a great body of water for Central New York walleye. Below, Daniel Eggertsen  isn’t afraid to reveal some sweet spots. “The most active times for the walleyes are early […]

Cinderella’s Revamps Their Website!

09 Aug

Cinderella’s Restaurant  Bar & Suites has developed a much more user friendly website. Their new website offers you a better view into what they have to offer, and they offer quite a lot. You can learn more about Cinderella’s history and their menu, suites and dining specials. They even included an ever updating coupon page […]